Sarah talks about open space and parks in Tbilisi with JAM News
The Arsenal site supports a diversity of plant species. The primary ecologies are Kartli Steppe and Emergent Wetland. These communities are the result …
August 25 is the day of Transfiguration, written in Georgian as ფერისცვალება: literally ‘change of color”. Transfiguration informally marks the start o…
How simple models of ecological diversity can drive culturally relevant reforestation efforts
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Construction of Georgia's East-West Highway Reshapes the Rikoti Pass
Much to see on the forest floor
Amplifying landscape identity with digital and analog tools
-We are pleased to announce that Arsenal Oasis won the Special Jury Prize in the LILA 2021 Landscape Awards. The jury included Marianne Levinsen, Cathe…
A morning of landscape exploration on Arsenal site with the Ruderal Training Program
Tbilisi Urban Forest Project
Exploring the canyons to the southwest of Tbilisi
Blending infrastructure and "natural" form in practice